Sports Marketing

Following a basketball playing career spanning from grassroots to the collegiate and professional levels, Luke Bonner transitioned into a digital marketing career. With lengthy experience at one of the top advertising agencies in the country and a masters degree from the University of Massachusetts Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management, Bonner started Power Forward Sports Group as a way to help companies, athletes, universities and agencies navigate the world of sports. Bonner has worked on projects with major brands including: Bleacher Report, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, adidas, ESPN, The Basketball Tournament, Lululemon and more.

Pairing an institutional knowledge of the global sports landscape with marketing expertise, Power Forward Sports Group specializes in the following areas of sports marketing: Strategy, Business Navigation, Events, and Media.


Whether a tech company, sneaker brand or professional league, the best crafted marketing strategy can miss the mark without a thorough understanding of the nuance within your sport. Power Forward Sports Group offers strategic support to help companies avoid unforeseen pitfalls within their targeted sport and maximize ROI.


Whether you’re a professional athlete, an agent, or a brand looking to leverage a presence in the sports world, aligning with the right partners is essential. This can be an overwhelming place to play, but we’re here to help you connect the dots, navigate the space, and secure impactful partnerships.


With years of experience operating festivals, all-star parties and more, we understand that events require an abundance of time and resources to execute. It’s also easy for early planning to get put on the back-burner when you’re tied up with more immediate projects. We’re happy to augment your team to ensure your event comes together in a timely, stress free and successful manner.

Award-winning Experiential Photobooth Platform

PWRFWD works with Photoland to imagine and bring to life unique photo/video/GIF experiences within stadium environments and for player/fan events. From boomerangs, slo-mo loops and multicam angles to custom overlays with team identifiers and brand hashtags, each installation is custom-built to maximize engagement and ROI. Contact us to discuss your custom needs.


Just as there are endless options for partnerships with teams, leagues and athletes, sports media is also an ever-evolving space. We are embedded in this world and can help train and advise on best practices in this space.