Luke Bonner


Founded in New Hampshire by former basketball player and player advocate, Luke Bonner, PWRFWD is a marketplace that empowers athletes to connect with their fans on a deeper level through their own custom made products. It’s an end-to-end solution for all the tricky parts of e-commerce — development, design, marketing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and customer service.

Ultimately, we enable athletes to create products that speak to their on-court performance and off-court interests, bringing new avenues for fans to engage and support their favorite players — through meaningful, high-quality products.

By eliminating the headaches associated with digital entrepreneurship, we make it easy for athletes to build and grow direct, authentic connections with their fans.


PWRFWD Founder Tacko Fall

Tacko Fall

PWRFWD Founder Breanna Stewart

Breanna Stewart

PWRFWD Founder Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba

Sue Bird

Sue Bird